Choosing the Right Size of Stockings

There are many different styles of stockings available these days. From sheer to opaque, nude to colored, there are certainly stockings that will fit the taste and preferences of various women. These stockings serve to enhance the look of one’s legs. Before buying stockings, it’s important that one considers the size and chooses the right one so that the stockings will last longer and the wearer will feel as comfortable as possible.

Know the style you want.

Before choosing the stockings to buy, it’s important to decide which among the various styles to get. Keep in mind that size charts vary from one manufacturer to another, so it won’t do at all to buy stockings from different manufacturers in just one size without trying them out first.

Check the size chart of the brand.

When buying stockings from a manufacturer for the first time, it’s essential to check the size chart at the back of the package. This way, you can be sure that you’re getting the size that fits you just right. These size charts usually give the height and weight ranges of the wearer and you will see the size that will be right for you from there. Getting stockings that fit properly is important so you must take the time to know your size and check the size charts of different brands.

For those who are at the upper end of a size range, it might be wise to choose the next size to ensure maximum comfort and fit. Some manufacturers also manufacture stockings that are free size, which means that these stockings only come in one size and usually fit women who weigh up to 160 pounds.

Well-fitting, well-chosen stockings look attractive and smart. These stockings even out the skin tone and even conceal minor blemishes. Stockings also emphasize the contours of the leg. For plus-sized women, there are even queen-sized stockings that are made especially for their full figures.

Choosing stockings that are appropriate for your size is very essential because this ensures maximum wear life. Stockings that are too loose will fall down and won’t look good, while stockings that are too tight minimizes the wearer’s flexibility and are more susceptible to wear and tear. When not sure about the size to get, it would be good to get a pair of stockings first and try these on before buying more of the same style and size.

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