How to Save on Stockings

There are many outfits requiring the use of stockings, and these stockings come in different styles, sizes, and colors. Those who need to wear stockings everyday know just how expensive buying these garments can be, especially because these stockings don’t usually last long and need to be replaced with other pairs. However, there are still ways to save money when buying stockings.

Buy pairs of stockings from different brands.

Buying a pair of stockings from each brand one wants to try is advisable. This allows the wearer to check out different brands and see which one fits her best and lasts longest. Because stockings usually get runs, it won’t do at all to buy the cheapest brands because doing so may not equate to bigger savings. This is why it would be good to try out different brands, both cheap and expensive ones. Once it’s clear which brand is the best choice, it would be good to stick to buying stockings from that particular brand. Reading user reviews of various brands of stockings can also help when it comes to choosing which brands to try.

Check out discount stores.

Discount stores are not only great for clothes shopping, they’re also good for those who want to scout for bargains on stockings. Before shopping for stockings, though, it’s important to know the appropriate size. Size varies from one brand to another so the wearer has to know her height and weight before buying stockings.

Scout for sales or promotional offers.

Those who need to wear stockings everyday need to stock up on many pairs. Some websites offering stockings also offer promotions from time to time. When great offers come up, make sure to buy in bulk to save more money. After all, having many pairs of stockings is better than having too few of them because these stockings are made of materials that easily get snagged and ruined.

Take good care of stockings.

To keep from buying many pairs over and over again, it’s important to take proper care of stockings. When wearing them, it’s important to remove jewelry so that these won’t snag the fabric. Those who have long nails will also benefit from using gloves while putting on their stockings. It’s also important to put on stockings gently so that these won’t get snagged. Keeping a bottle of clear nail polish within reach at all times is also a good thing to do because a coat of nail polish helps stop runs from doing further damage to the stockings.

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Choosing the Right Size of Stockings

There are many different styles of stockings available these days. From sheer to opaque, nude to colored, there are certainly stockings that will fit the taste and preferences of various women. These stockings serve to enhance the look of one’s legs. Before buying stockings, it’s important that one considers the size and chooses the right one so that the stockings will last longer and the wearer will feel as comfortable as possible.

Know the style you want.

Before choosing the stockings to buy, it’s important to decide which among the various styles to get. Keep in mind that size charts vary from one manufacturer to another, so it won’t do at all to buy stockings from different manufacturers in just one size without trying them out first.

Check the size chart of the brand.

When buying stockings from a manufacturer for the first time, it’s essential to check the size chart at the back of the package. This way, you can be sure that you’re getting the size that fits you just right. These size charts usually give the height and weight ranges of the wearer and you will see the size that will be right for you from there. Getting stockings that fit properly is important so you must take the time to know your size and check the size charts of different brands.

For those who are at the upper end of a size range, it might be wise to choose the next size to ensure maximum comfort and fit. Some manufacturers also manufacture stockings that are free size, which means that these stockings only come in one size and usually fit women who weigh up to 160 pounds.

Well-fitting, well-chosen stockings look attractive and smart. These stockings even out the skin tone and even conceal minor blemishes. Stockings also emphasize the contours of the leg. For plus-sized women, there are even queen-sized stockings that are made especially for their full figures.

Choosing stockings that are appropriate for your size is very essential because this ensures maximum wear life. Stockings that are too loose will fall down and won’t look good, while stockings that are too tight minimizes the wearer’s flexibility and are more susceptible to wear and tear. When not sure about the size to get, it would be good to get a pair of stockings first and try these on before buying more of the same style and size.

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How to Take Care of Stockings

Stockings are a kind of hosiery usually worn by women to make their legs look more appealing. These stockings come in various styles, sizes, and colors to fit different tastes and preferences. Every woman who wears stockings knows that these garments easily get runs and usually have to be disposed off after being worn for a couple of times. However, when properly taken care of, stockings can last for months, even when repeatedly worn.

What to do before wearing stockings

Many women believe that freezing stockings and thawing them before using them for the first time makes the material more resistant to runs and snags. Although there seems to be no scientific proof on why this would work, it’s still worth a try.

Be extra careful while putting on stockings.

When putting on stockings, it’s best to take extra care. Those who have long fingernails will find it useful and helpful to don on a pair of gloves before putting on stockings. This way, the fingernails won’t snag the fabric of the stockings and cause runs from forming. It would also be good to apply lotion or moisturizer on the legs first before putting on stockings. Removing jewelry such as rings and bracelets is also important so that these do not snag the stockings. It’s also important that the wearer is gentle and does not tug or pull on the stockings with much pressure while putting them on.

Wash and dry stockings carefully.

Hand-washing stockings are advisable, but if this cannot be done because of lack of time or other reasons, the stockings should be placed inside a closed pillowcase or lingerie bag. Doing this will protect them from getting snagged by other garments. It’s also important that the washing machine’s cycle is set on the gentlest option. Using bleach isn’t advisable because this can weaken the material and even discolor the stockings. When drying stockings, it would be good to lay them on a flat surface and just have them air dry.

Store stockings properly.

When storing stockings, it’s important that these are kept away from clothes that have hooks or other materials that might snag the fabric of the stockings. Hooks of bras or zippers of clothes and even those with velcro should not be mixed with stockings. If possible, it would be best to keep these stockings in a separate drawer. They could also be kept in a separate box that can be placed inside one’s closet.

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The Different Types of Stockings

For so long, women have used stockings to make their legs look more appealing. Stockings have evolved over the years and now come in different types, sizes, colors, and styles. Aside from the usual sheer or solid-colored stockings, there are also stockings that are netted or feature bold and bright patterns. When buying stockings, it’s important to know which kind to buy and which outfits go well with these stockings. As a rule, one shouldn’t wear shoes that are lighter than the stockings, and stockings that are in the same shade as the skin color of the wearer are always a good choice.

Seamed stockings

Seamed stockings are stockings that have seams running up the middle of the stocking. These stockings are great for those with full figures and want to achieve the look of having slimmer legs. Black or other dark-colored seamed stockings are great choices because these colors absorb light, giving the wearer of the garment a thinner look.

Fishnet stockings

Although not as popular as other varieties of stockings, fishnet stockings are intended to flatter the legs and create a muscular, sleek appearance by use of the diamond pattern. These fishnet stockings can even be worn over other solid-colored stockings to create a dramatic effect. When paired with a corset, fishnet stockings can definitely create a whole new look.

Compression stockings

Not just for aesthetic purposes, compression stockings are used for relieving pains and tiredness of the legs. These compression stockings are even prescribed by doctors for individuals with varicose veins. Because these stockings provide the strongest compression on the ankle area and the amount of compression decreases up the leg, blood circulation is improved.

Garter stockings

Before the invention of the pantyhose and stay-up stockings, garter stockings were all the rage. This is not to say that garter stockings are no longer used today, because they are. These kinds of stockings are held up by a garter belt and is perceived to be very sexy. Another variation of garter stockings are lace top stockings, which have lace tops and also kept up by a garter belt.

Nylon stockings

Nylon stockings are very popular nowadays. These can be pantyhose or stay-ups and can be seamed or not. These kinds of stockings are very common and often come in colors of black, nude, or gray.

These kinds of stockings also vary when it comes to thickness. Sheer stockings are often preferred by women because these look good on just about anyone and go well with various kinds of outfits. However, opaque stockings are great during winter because these provide more warmth to the legs of the wearer.

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Stockings: Wear Them in Style

Stockings have been around for decades and there seems to be no way that these are ever going to be out of style. These stockings come in different materials, be it nylon, cashmere, or silk. Stockings also come in different styles and serve different purposes. Kinds of stockings include stay-up stockings, fishnet stockings, lace top stockings, nylon stockings, compression stockings, and seamed stockings. All these serve to enhance the legs and make a woman become even more appealing. However, wearing the wrong kind of stockings can ruin an otherwise great outfit, so it’s important to know how to wear stockings.

Know which stockings flatter your figure.

When choosing stockings, it’s important to know what kind to purchase. For those who want their legs to appear thinner and longer, seamed stockings are a great choice. Black seamed stockings are especially good at creating the appearance of slimmer legs. For those with already thin legs, wearing light colored stockings are best as these reflect light and give the appearance of a fuller figure.

Choose stockings that go well with the shoes.

The stockings should always match the shoes. If not, then the color of the shoes should never be lighter than the stockings. If, however, red shoes are to be worn, then choosing sheer stockings in a nude color is advisable. Stockings also look better with pumps or other closed shoes, although there are women who wear stockings with peep-toed shoes as well. When wearing these kinds of shoes, it’s best to wear sheer stockings that don’t have reinforced toes.

Match stockings with the dress.

Opaque stockings are best worn during the winter season or when paired with short skirts. Dresses and skirts that are knee-length or just above or below the knee look good with sheer stockings that are in the same shade as the skin color of the wearer. When wearing printed dresses or skirts with large patterns, it’s best to go with plain, simple stockings and not netted ones.

Prevent and stop runs in stockings.

Of course, pairs of stockings with runs in them won’t do at all. To prevent and stop runs from becoming bigger, it’s good to always have a bottle of clear nail polish within reach at all times. When stockings get runs, just apply a coat of nail polish on the whole length of the run. If nail polish isn’t available, hair spray will work just as well too, although this may make the stockings feel stiffer.

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Preventing and Stopping Runs in Stockings

Those who wear stockings are often faced with the problem of having to deal with runs in stockings. Because stockings are made with materials that are prone to getting runs, it’s often that wearers have to buy many pairs because they keep on getting their stockings snagged. Nevertheless, there are various measures to try to prevent and stop runs in stockings.

Prevent runs by investing in high quality stockings.

When buying stockings, it’s important to buy ones that are durable and are of high quality. These may cost more, but the price is surely worth it if these pairs are indeed going to last longer. Some brands even offer stockings that have run guards, which are special areas in the foot of the stockings that surrounds the toes and prevent runs from starting there and going up the stockings.

Freeze stockings before wearing them.

Although there seems to be no scientific evidence that keeping stockings in the freezer prevents runs from happening, many women have been doing this for years. Apparently, freezing stockings and thawing them before the first use is advisable because doing so makes the material more resistant to runs.

Be aware of your actions and surroundings.

It’s important to be extra careful when putting on stockings. If the wearer has long fingernails, it’s advisable to put on a pair of gloves so that the nails won’t snag the fabric of the stockings. One should also steer clear of rough edges or surfaces when wearing stockings to prevent runs.

Wash and store stockings properly.

Hand-washing stockings are more advisable than just tossing them into the washing machine. When drying stockings, it would be good to leave them lying flat on a surface instead of hanging them because the clothesline might snag the fabric. Laying the stockings flat will also prevent creases from forming. When storing stockings, it’s important to keep them away from hooks (such as the hooks on bras) or other materials that may cause runs.

Stop runs early on.

Keeping a bottle of clear nail polish within reach at all times is a good way of making sure that there’s something you can do to stop runs. When stockings get runs, applying a coat of clear nail polish on the whole length of the runs will stop them from becoming bigger and prevent them from reaching up all over the legs. If there’s no nail polish available, hair spray can also be used.

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Compression Stockings as Treatment for Varicose Veins

There are many different kinds of stockings available in the market these days. These kinds of stockings serve different kinds of purposes, with some being used purely for aesthetic reasons, and others for the treatment or prevention of various medical conditions. Compression stockings, for example, are being recommended by many doctors for the treatment of varicose veins.

What are varicose veins?

Varicose veins are veins that have become enlarged and gnarled. This condition occurs when there is too much pressure in the veins. Many people are affected by varicose veins, and most of them are simply bothered by this condition because of cosmetic concerns. There are others, though, who feel discomfort and pain because of varicose veins. When this condition isn’t treated, it could lead to other more serious problems. The presence of varicose veins may also be an indication that one’s circulatory system has other disorders.

What are compression stockings?

Compression stockings are a form of hosiery used to provide support to the lymphatic and venous systems of the leg. This kind of stockings provide the leg with graduated compression in which the compression is strongest at the ankle and decreases up the leg. Aided with the calf’s muscle pump effect, this compression helps the wearer achieve better lymph fluid and blood circulation in the legs. Compression stockings are also great for those who have tired, aching legs.

How can wearing stockings help those who have varicose veins?

There are many treatments for varicose veins, including surgery. However, the use of compression stockings are recommended by doctors as one of the conservative or initial management of varicose veins. Because of the compression provided by compression stockings, the flow of blood up the leg is enhanced. The right compression stocking can even provide temporary reversal of the effects of the condition as well as decrease the discomfort of the user. These stockings can also lessen skin damage.

It’s important to choose stockings that fit just right. This is because improper sizing can obstruct arterial or venous blood flow. It’s always best to consult a doctor first and try a particular type of compression stocking first to see if it would produce the desired results.

Today, users can even choose from compression stockings of different colors, styles, and sizes. Because compression stockings no longer look differently from other kinds of stockings, it’s easier to pick pairs that will match the user’s taste and style.

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How to Choose Stockings

With all the short skirts available in the market these days, women are also given more choices when it comes to stockings. There are many different types of stockings and these include fishnet stockings, stay-up stockings, compression stockings, garter stockings, seamed stockings, and nylon stockings. All of these serve various purposes and appeal to different women. With all the different kinds of stockings, it may be hard to choose which kind to buy.

Consider the purpose of buying stockings.

First, it’s important to know why stockings are needed in the first place. Is it for the treatment of varicose veings or purely for aesthetic purposes? Knowing the reason behind wanting to purchase a pair of stockings makes it easier to decide what kind to buy. It’s also important to consider the occasion for which the stocking is going to be worn as well as the shoes and outfit that will go with the stockings.

Think about the color of the stockings.

Stockings come in different colors and it might be difficult for some to choose the color their stockings should be. For those who are confused about what color to get, black and nude are always the safest bets. A color that’s in the same shade as the wearer’s skin tone is also a good choice. Stockings in gray and charcoal also go well with various outfits. When wearing stockings, it’s important to make sure that the shoes worn aren’t lighter than the stockings.

Decide about the style of stockings.

Today’s stockings come in different materials such as nylon, cashmere, and silk. Nylons are especially popular, but it’s also important to choose between stockings with seams or without, or if it’s better to buy pantyhose or stay-up stockings. Pantyhose stockings are great for those who don’t want to worry about whether their stockings will stay up. For those who want to be more daring, fishnet stockings or baby fishnets (fishnet stockings with smaller holes) may be just the kind of stockings to buy.

Take price and durability into consideration.

When buying stockings, many people end up choosing pairs that suit their style and color preference, but then end up getting disappointed when their stockings easily get runs in them. Stockings can easily get ruined when snagged, so it’s important to buy pairs that are durable. Opting for high-quality stockings will mean paying a higher price, but this will be worth it in the long run.

Make sure to pick the right size.

Of course, one of the most essential factors to consider when buying stockings is the size. Stockings now come in many different sizes and it’s important to choose the right size so that the stockings will remain comfortable.

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