The Different Types of Stockings

For so long, women have used stockings to make their legs look more appealing. Stockings have evolved over the years and now come in different types, sizes, colors, and styles. Aside from the usual sheer or solid-colored stockings, there are also stockings that are netted or feature bold and bright patterns. When buying stockings, it’s important to know which kind to buy and which outfits go well with these stockings. As a rule, one shouldn’t wear shoes that are lighter than the stockings, and stockings that are in the same shade as the skin color of the wearer are always a good choice.

Seamed stockings

Seamed stockings are stockings that have seams running up the middle of the stocking. These stockings are great for those with full figures and want to achieve the look of having slimmer legs. Black or other dark-colored seamed stockings are great choices because these colors absorb light, giving the wearer of the garment a thinner look.

Fishnet stockings

Although not as popular as other varieties of stockings, fishnet stockings are intended to flatter the legs and create a muscular, sleek appearance by use of the diamond pattern. These fishnet stockings can even be worn over other solid-colored stockings to create a dramatic effect. When paired with a corset, fishnet stockings can definitely create a whole new look.

Compression stockings

Not just for aesthetic purposes, compression stockings are used for relieving pains and tiredness of the legs. These compression stockings are even prescribed by doctors for individuals with varicose veins. Because these stockings provide the strongest compression on the ankle area and the amount of compression decreases up the leg, blood circulation is improved.

Garter stockings

Before the invention of the pantyhose and stay-up stockings, garter stockings were all the rage. This is not to say that garter stockings are no longer used today, because they are. These kinds of stockings are held up by a garter belt and is perceived to be very sexy. Another variation of garter stockings are lace top stockings, which have lace tops and also kept up by a garter belt.

Nylon stockings

Nylon stockings are very popular nowadays. These can be pantyhose or stay-ups and can be seamed or not. These kinds of stockings are very common and often come in colors of black, nude, or gray.

These kinds of stockings also vary when it comes to thickness. Sheer stockings are often preferred by women because these look good on just about anyone and go well with various kinds of outfits. However, opaque stockings are great during winter because these provide more warmth to the legs of the wearer.

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