Stockings: Wear Them in Style

Stockings have been around for decades and there seems to be no way that these are ever going to be out of style. These stockings come in different materials, be it nylon, cashmere, or silk. Stockings also come in different styles and serve different purposes. Kinds of stockings include stay-up stockings, fishnet stockings, lace top stockings, nylon stockings, compression stockings, and seamed stockings. All these serve to enhance the legs and make a woman become even more appealing. However, wearing the wrong kind of stockings can ruin an otherwise great outfit, so it’s important to know how to wear stockings.

Know which stockings flatter your figure.

When choosing stockings, it’s important to know what kind to purchase. For those who want their legs to appear thinner and longer, seamed stockings are a great choice. Black seamed stockings are especially good at creating the appearance of slimmer legs. For those with already thin legs, wearing light colored stockings are best as these reflect light and give the appearance of a fuller figure.

Choose stockings that go well with the shoes.

The stockings should always match the shoes. If not, then the color of the shoes should never be lighter than the stockings. If, however, red shoes are to be worn, then choosing sheer stockings in a nude color is advisable. Stockings also look better with pumps or other closed shoes, although there are women who wear stockings with peep-toed shoes as well. When wearing these kinds of shoes, it’s best to wear sheer stockings that don’t have reinforced toes.

Match stockings with the dress.

Opaque stockings are best worn during the winter season or when paired with short skirts. Dresses and skirts that are knee-length or just above or below the knee look good with sheer stockings that are in the same shade as the skin color of the wearer. When wearing printed dresses or skirts with large patterns, it’s best to go with plain, simple stockings and not netted ones.

Prevent and stop runs in stockings.

Of course, pairs of stockings with runs in them won’t do at all. To prevent and stop runs from becoming bigger, it’s good to always have a bottle of clear nail polish within reach at all times. When stockings get runs, just apply a coat of nail polish on the whole length of the run. If nail polish isn’t available, hair spray will work just as well too, although this may make the stockings feel stiffer.

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