Preventing and Stopping Runs in Stockings

Those who wear stockings are often faced with the problem of having to deal with runs in stockings. Because stockings are made with materials that are prone to getting runs, it’s often that wearers have to buy many pairs because they keep on getting their stockings snagged. Nevertheless, there are various measures to try to prevent and stop runs in stockings.

Prevent runs by investing in high quality stockings.

When buying stockings, it’s important to buy ones that are durable and are of high quality. These may cost more, but the price is surely worth it if these pairs are indeed going to last longer. Some brands even offer stockings that have run guards, which are special areas in the foot of the stockings that surrounds the toes and prevent runs from starting there and going up the stockings.

Freeze stockings before wearing them.

Although there seems to be no scientific evidence that keeping stockings in the freezer prevents runs from happening, many women have been doing this for years. Apparently, freezing stockings and thawing them before the first use is advisable because doing so makes the material more resistant to runs.

Be aware of your actions and surroundings.

It’s important to be extra careful when putting on stockings. If the wearer has long fingernails, it’s advisable to put on a pair of gloves so that the nails won’t snag the fabric of the stockings. One should also steer clear of rough edges or surfaces when wearing stockings to prevent runs.

Wash and store stockings properly.

Hand-washing stockings are more advisable than just tossing them into the washing machine. When drying stockings, it would be good to leave them lying flat on a surface instead of hanging them because the clothesline might snag the fabric. Laying the stockings flat will also prevent creases from forming. When storing stockings, it’s important to keep them away from hooks (such as the hooks on bras) or other materials that may cause runs.

Stop runs early on.

Keeping a bottle of clear nail polish within reach at all times is a good way of making sure that there’s something you can do to stop runs. When stockings get runs, applying a coat of clear nail polish on the whole length of the runs will stop them from becoming bigger and prevent them from reaching up all over the legs. If there’s no nail polish available, hair spray can also be used.

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