Compression Stockings as Treatment for Varicose Veins

There are many different kinds of stockings available in the market these days. These kinds of stockings serve different kinds of purposes, with some being used purely for aesthetic reasons, and others for the treatment or prevention of various medical conditions. Compression stockings, for example, are being recommended by many doctors for the treatment of varicose veins.

What are varicose veins?

Varicose veins are veins that have become enlarged and gnarled. This condition occurs when there is too much pressure in the veins. Many people are affected by varicose veins, and most of them are simply bothered by this condition because of cosmetic concerns. There are others, though, who feel discomfort and pain because of varicose veins. When this condition isn’t treated, it could lead to other more serious problems. The presence of varicose veins may also be an indication that one’s circulatory system has other disorders.

What are compression stockings?

Compression stockings are a form of hosiery used to provide support to the lymphatic and venous systems of the leg. This kind of stockings provide the leg with graduated compression in which the compression is strongest at the ankle and decreases up the leg. Aided with the calf’s muscle pump effect, this compression helps the wearer achieve better lymph fluid and blood circulation in the legs. Compression stockings are also great for those who have tired, aching legs.

How can wearing stockings help those who have varicose veins?

There are many treatments for varicose veins, including surgery. However, the use of compression stockings are recommended by doctors as one of the conservative or initial management of varicose veins. Because of the compression provided by compression stockings, the flow of blood up the leg is enhanced. The right compression stocking can even provide temporary reversal of the effects of the condition as well as decrease the discomfort of the user. These stockings can also lessen skin damage.

It’s important to choose stockings that fit just right. This is because improper sizing can obstruct arterial or venous blood flow. It’s always best to consult a doctor first and try a particular type of compression stocking first to see if it would produce the desired results.

Today, users can even choose from compression stockings of different colors, styles, and sizes. Because compression stockings no longer look differently from other kinds of stockings, it’s easier to pick pairs that will match the user’s taste and style.

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