How to Take Care of Stockings

Stockings are a kind of hosiery usually worn by women to make their legs look more appealing. These stockings come in various styles, sizes, and colors to fit different tastes and preferences. Every woman who wears stockings knows that these garments easily get runs and usually have to be disposed off after being worn for a couple of times. However, when properly taken care of, stockings can last for months, even when repeatedly worn.

What to do before wearing stockings

Many women believe that freezing stockings and thawing them before using them for the first time makes the material more resistant to runs and snags. Although there seems to be no scientific proof on why this would work, it’s still worth a try.

Be extra careful while putting on stockings.

When putting on stockings, it’s best to take extra care. Those who have long fingernails will find it useful and helpful to don on a pair of gloves before putting on stockings. This way, the fingernails won’t snag the fabric of the stockings and cause runs from forming. It would also be good to apply lotion or moisturizer on the legs first before putting on stockings. Removing jewelry such as rings and bracelets is also important so that these do not snag the stockings. It’s also important that the wearer is gentle and does not tug or pull on the stockings with much pressure while putting them on.

Wash and dry stockings carefully.

Hand-washing stockings are advisable, but if this cannot be done because of lack of time or other reasons, the stockings should be placed inside a closed pillowcase or lingerie bag. Doing this will protect them from getting snagged by other garments. It’s also important that the washing machine’s cycle is set on the gentlest option. Using bleach isn’t advisable because this can weaken the material and even discolor the stockings. When drying stockings, it would be good to lay them on a flat surface and just have them air dry.

Store stockings properly.

When storing stockings, it’s important that these are kept away from clothes that have hooks or other materials that might snag the fabric of the stockings. Hooks of bras or zippers of clothes and even those with velcro should not be mixed with stockings. If possible, it would be best to keep these stockings in a separate drawer. They could also be kept in a separate box that can be placed inside one’s closet.

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